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8 days Simien Mountain


  Trek through the Simien Mountain National Park with Ras Ethiopia Travel 




Start: Addis Ababa


Finish: Addis Ababa


Duration: 8 Days Simien trekking


Code: RET 108


Age group: Min14, 80


Group size: Min 1, Max 15


What is Included in this price?

Domestic Flight, Accommodation, entrance fee, meals, Local Guide, Over lade transport, Camping equipment, Scouts


Ras Ethiopia Travel takes you through the dramatic landscapes and spectacular summits of Simien Mountain National Park. ​

Experience the geological beauty of Ethiopia on a trekking adventure through one of the most dramatic landscapes in Africa. Observe the remnants of a once prosperous civilisation on a visit to Gondar before tackling the challenging terrain of the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Simien Mountains National Park. As you traverse the rugged peaks and valleys of this ever-changing trail, witness how millions of years of erosion has created an elaborate network of gorges, canyons and escarpments, flourishing with endemic wildlife and traditional civilisations. Keep an eye out for the endangered walia ibex jousting along the rocky ledges, learn about village life and agricultural rituals in Geech camp and sit among groups of gelada monkeys while you watch the sun set in Chenek. Stop by key lookouts en route to soak up scenery that will leave you speechless and have your breath (literally) taken away by unbeatable views at the summit of Ras Dashen – Ethiopia’s highest peak.


Why you'll love this trip: 

Trek the majestic series of undulating amethyst peaks that make up the Simien Mountains on this hiking adventure through some of the world’s most unique and remote landscapes.


Day 1 flay in the morning from Addis Ababa to Gondar

Lunch in Gondar will drive to Debark where our trekking point start

Day 2 Sankaber (3250 m) - Gich (3600 m)

The first serious day of trekking starts from the beautiful situated campsite of Sankaber. When we stayed overnight in Debark we first have to drive little over an hour to reach the camp. Today's trek covers a distance of approximately 10 km an takes us around 6 hours straight walking. Right from the beginning the trek follows the spectacular escarpment. We will encounter gelada baboons, foraging in big groups, at the fields. A stunning viewpoint at the Jinbar Falls is reached after clambering a few rocks. This waterfall plunges several hundred meter down the escarpment in the abyss. At the end of the day we pass through the welcoming village of Gich where the local people prepare a well deserved coffee for us. Our camp for the night is not far from the village.

(Gich is a good place to add an extra day, several day walks are available, including to the spectacular Imet Gogo)


Day 3 Gich - Chennek (3620 m)

This is probably the most spectacular stage of the whole trekking, offering stunning views all the way. Today we walk for almost 8 hours to cover 12 km, including a short detour to Imet Gogo (3925 m). This summit offers the most exciting views. The majestically lammergeyer might soar the skies in front of us and the endemic thick billed raven will be present. On our way to Chennek we pass some other major peaks (Inataye reaching 4070 meter) and a deep valley. Chennek is abundant with the giant lobelia and the best place to spot the endemic and endangered walia ibex. Not seldom they walk into the camp. 

(From Chennek you can drive out to Debark in about 2 hours)


Day 4 Chennek - Ambiko (3200 m)

Today is for sure the most challenging day. First we hike up the Bwahit Pass (4200 m) and later we will reach the bottom of the valley of the Mesheha River (2800 m) before we reach Ambiko. The 14 km we cover today will take at least 7 hours walking. Weather permitting we will be rewarded with at least the first glimpse of Ras Dashen (4533 m). Around Bwahit is an excellent area to find the Ethiopian wolf. Our chef will prepare another great meal with very limited means and like the other evenings we lit a campfire to keep us warm. But we will sleep early as we start tomorrow well before sunrise.


Day 5 Ambiko

The roof of Ethiopia is the goal for the day. Ras Dashen (4533 m) is roughly a mere 5 hours/ 8 km away, its all the way up to the top. The view from to top might not be as stunning as at other places in Simien (Imet Gogo) but you made it! Yes! Walking back to Ambiko takes about 3,5 hours.


Day 6 Ambiko - Chennek

With the reward you bagged the summit we are heading back into known area. There are several ways to do it. The easiest way is to walk about 4 hours to the village of Chiro Leba where a 4WD vehicle can pick you and drive you out to Debark (or even Gondar the same day). But you came to enjoy the Simien Mountains, right? Then this day we continue to Chennek and pitch our tents again in between the giant lobelia's.


Day 7 Chennek - Sankaber/ Simien Lodge/ Debark

We take a new path to reach our departure camp of Sankaber. It takes around 7 hours to cover the roughly 20 km. At the end of the day you can choose to enjoy another night under the stars at Sankaber or Alternatively, we can drive you out to Debark. So you can get the chance to visit Gondar


Day 8

this morning we will drive early in the morning to Gonder as our trips come to an end and catch a flight to Addis Ababa

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