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Natural Landscapes




Ras Ethiopia welcomes you to a land full of surprises! Ethiopia is not only a major transit point to the rest of Africa but a country with a diverse people and landscape well worth spending as much time as possible in.  

From the historical route in the North to the colourful tribes of the South, Ethiopia brims with life, culture and  incredibly breathtaking scenery.

Girma is a highly accomplished in the tourist trade and has taken tourists to all corners of his homeland. Born in Bar Dahir, by the magical Lake Tana, Girma has provided educational, fun tours for over a decade.
Based in the South of England with his wife, Girma understands what tourists want from their Ethiopian tour - a unique holiday which will never be forgotten!
Some of the profits will go towards helping street children to gain education and a life away from the street as this is how they first met 13 years ago and it is close to their hearts!  They want to put back into a wonderful country that has so much to offer the world!


For a bespoke Ethiopian tour please e-mail Girma or call 



Tel Mobile: +44 7528450704

Tel Office: +44 1202467605

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